#17~ 4/7//01, Sullivan, IN ~ Concert notes by Lauren

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We got to the concert at about 6:15, after worrying about the time change when you go into Indiana.   Normally, there would have been one, and we would have been late, but since the time changed in llinois, we were fine!  We went in and bought our tickets, and got our seats.  The building was an old theater with the big balcony and all.  It was very  cool!!!  The church band was practicing when we got there, so we could tell that the sound was going to be very good!  We went out to the bathroom and ended up seeing Brad.  We got to say hi and talk a little, but he had to tune, so he was off pretty quickly. 

The show started around 7:10, with the church band that we'd previously seen.  As far as "warm-up" bands go, they were one of the better one's I've seen!  They sang about 5 songs, and then introduced Mitch.  As the guys were getting ready, Mitch saw us in the front and jumped down to ask us if there were any special songs we wanted to hear.  I couldn't think of anything, so I just made sure he was still playing The Lemonade Song.  Of course I knew he probably would be, but my dad asked for New Mexico which is a great one to hear in concert!!   I spent the rest of the concert thinking of songs I should have asked for, but I guess I have something for next time now.

They started about 7:40, with Upside Down.  That's one of my favorites, and he rarely starts with it, so that was a surprise.  He got to Rich's Song fourth, and he played it between two rather upbeat songs, which was a change.  It seems like Rich's Song is getting easier for him to play, or maybe it's just getting easier for me to listen to.  I was a little disappointed when they played Solid Rock without the lawn chairs again.  I have a feeling this is a permanent change.  The song still sounded great, and my brother absolutely loves the  drumming in the song!  Next, they played My Deliverer, which I hadn't heard for a while.  The guys have changed around the arrangement for this song and it sounded better than ever!  They finished off the first half with Heaven Is Waiting.

After the break, they came out and played New Mexico and then There You Are.  Next up was Suits Of Skin, but Brad had small hammered dulcimer problems.   Every time he turned the little pedal on, there was a humming noise.  Mitch took the opportunity to get us to laugh!  Mitch and Joe had a small side conversation about the things Joe plays.  It turned out to be hilarious!  After Brad couldn't get the hammered dulcimer to work without the humming noise, they played the song anyway.  With the rest of the music, you really couldn't hear the noise, so that was good! 

They got to Brad's part in the show and Mitch introduced him as "Bradley Layher".  It was pretty funny!  Brad commented that the theater reminded him of the muppet show and he expected two old guys to pop out of the upper curtains making jokes any minute.  Right then, a piece of bread flew at him from the same curtain.  It was extremely funny!!  While Brad was letting us know that it really hadn't been planned, a couple more pieces flew down at Joe and Mitch.  Brad played Tin Man, and then we got to hear The Lemonade Song  from Mitch.  The intro was slightly different though, with Brad and Joe coming in first and Mitch playing the harmonica differently.  It sounded sort of like a blues song to me.  It ended up with The Lemonade Song that I know and love! 

Before Watch Over Me, Mitch had to get his harmonica on.  He had a new "harmonica holder" and this little device wasn't working very well, and while trying to adjust it, Mitch ended up hitting it on his guitar and some screws popped out.  Mitch just gave it this look and tossed it on the ground.  Brad and Joe started playing another song and Mitch made up word about his harmonica to go along with it.  The audience loved it!  They played a  couple more songs and then ended with Burning The Fields.  Out of all the concerts I've seen, this one ranks pretty high!  ~ Lauren

song list 4/7*

 1. Upside Down
 2. Gospel Rain
 3. Kingdom of the Heart
 4. Rich's Song
 5. Anything
 6. Emmanuel
 7. Solid Rock
 8. My Deliverer
 9. Heaven Is Waiting


10. New Mexico
11. There You Are
12. Suits of Skin
13. Only Love Will
14. Tin Man
15. Lemonade Song
16. When You Love
17. Watch Over Me
18. Here & Now
19. Burning the Fields




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