#16 (3/2-4/01, Dearborn MI)
Event notes by Lauren
Concert Review from the March 2-4 in Dearborn, Michigan

We drove six hours and finally got to the Dearborn Free Methodist Church about an hour before the concert started.  As we walked in, we saw Mitch visiting with some people towards the front.  The front row was reserved, so we sat in the second next to a lady 
who we got to know pretty well throughout the weekend. 

Mitch came over and saw us and commented me on my article that I had given to him at the last show.  Pretty soon, the show started with just Mitch and his guitar.  Brad and Joe were visiting Brad's parents nearby.  Mitch was sitting on a stool right in front of us.  He opened for James Bryan Smith with four well fitting songs: Upside Down, Watch Over Me, Only  Love Will, and ended, as usual, with Burning the Fields.

He then came and sat in front of us and we all listened to Jim speak.  After an hour or so of talking, Jim decided to take a break, so we went out into the lobby for ten minutes. 
When Jim was ready to come back, he asked Mitch if he would play a song.  Mitch played a song that he said he'd only played a couple of times before.  I think it might be called "Show Me How to Love".

The next morning, everybody was at the church by 9a.m.  Mitch once again played by himself, even though I saw Brad and Joe in the back before it started.   Mitch played four more songs to open for Jim.  The first one, New Mexico, he introduced as a lullaby,
even though it was the wrong end of the day.  After that, he played a song that I only knew from  hearing This Train sing it - No, Not One.  Mitch's version was quite a bit different but still excellent!  Then,  he played a song that I had never heard before.  He said it was written about five or six years ago and that he might have a little trouble remembering all of it.  I think this one might have been titled "Little Glimpse of Heaven".  To close out the first portion, he once again play Burning the Fields. 

After Mitch, Jim spoke again.  One story I remember him telling came from the time when Rich was living in his attic.  Jim was trying to group people together in small groupd for discussion and Rich asked to be but in Mitch's group because he wanted to figure the 
guy out.  I had to laugh when I heard this and some of the other things Jim recalled from the time he had both guys in his class.

Jim took a short break for everyone to have breakfast downstairs and when we were all through, Mitch was asked to play another song.  He told me and my dad and a friend that he was thinking about playing She Asked Me How, but still wasn't sure.  I mentioned I had
never heard that in concert, so he played it.  It was wonderful!  I really like that song and it was even better live!  Mitch sang the song and then Jim had to hurry to finish off the series of things he was talking about.  Jim and Mitch are great together and if they ever do it again you shouldn't miss it!

The Concert:

This show was great, but I was a little out of it.  I think everybody was a little crazy, though.  It was a fun night!!  There are a few main things that stick out to me though.  It was not a good night for the guitars!  During the show, Mitch broke two strings and Brad broke one. 

Mitch made a comment that the night was going"sssmmmmoooooootttthhhhh".  The broken strings did make room for an extra song from Brad and another story from Mitch.  They also seem to be going back to the old concert format, without the break in the middle.

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