#15 (2/23/01, West Chicago, IL)
Concert notes by Lauren

We got to the church about 1 hour and 15 minutes early.  As we walked in, we saw Joe on his cell phone. We all said hi and then we went on in and got our seats in the front row.  For the next hour, me and my friends kept going back into the lobby area hoping to see one of the guys.  Finally, we saw Brad.  I  thought he'd know me by now, but I didn't have my glasses on, so I guess I looked different.  As he walked past  us, I said "hey" and he kinda said hi and then began to walk on.  Right then, he turned around and he  gave me a big "Hey" like he just figured out who I was.  We talked for a couple of minutes and I introduced  my friends to him and then we went back to our seats.

The guys came in and opened with three songs off of the new album.  For the last three times I saw them, Brad wasn't there so the arrangements were a  little different from what I'd been hearing in concert.   They sounded great though!

After a few songs, Mitch talked a little.  He gave the same little "talk" as he usually does right before "heaven Is Waiting" or "My Deliverer", but he surprised me this time.  He sang "Rich's Song".  I'd never heard that done in concert before, and this was very hard to sit through without crying.  By the time it was over, I think everybody in the place was teary eyed. 

Before going to the break, they played "Solid  Rock" which is one of my favorites.  Either they got tired of their lawn chairs or they forgot them, because they stood up for the song this time.  Sounded better  than ever though!  Without the music (a capella), you could really tell how well their voices blended.

They came back from the break with "Gospel Rain". What surprised me though, is that they kept the beginning the same as they'd done it when it was just Mitch and Joe.

They did a couple more songs from "Chasing the Horizon" and then it was Brad's turn.  Mitch introduced him and as Brad began to talk, I noticed Mitch looking funny at his arm.  He informed us that there was a bug on him.  Brad saw it crawl on to his hand and joked "Hey, give me a high five!"  Mitch let him know that it was a Christian concert and they proceeded to name the bug Texas. Mitch shooed it off his arm and it fell to the floor. Brad and Mitch then had a little conversation about things they liked better than Texas, the bug of course.  I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears again.

Now it was time for Brad to do his songs.  The first one was the "Tin Man Song"  That song is probably my favorite one to hear live so I was really excited!  Brad also played his song which my dad believes might be titled "Mighty Joe Louis." That song was extremely good too! I love hearing Brad sing, and the smile on my face only got wider when Mitch played the "Lemonade Song" and "Upside Down" next.

Mitch was talking, getting ready for "Watch Over Me" and everybody was silent.  All of the sudden, I  heard giggles.  I looked over at Brad and noticed that he was picking up Texas from the top of his water  bottle.  It seems that our little bug friend was getting ready to take a swim.

After Mitch got through playing "Burning the  Fields" everybody stood up and cheered louder then I remember hearing.  There was a big crowd and everybody was very excited about Mitch playing. 

Mitch played a few more commonly known songs at the end and just when I expected him to quit, he had us sing for about 20 more minutes with him.  He finished off the songs and Brad and Joe walked off of the stage.  I expected Mitch to say "see ya" as he usually does, but he had us sing one more song, "Amazing Grace".  It was an awesome way to end the show. 

After the show, I got autographs and pictures with all three of the guys.  I gave Mitch a copy of my interview and he spent a lot longer than I imagined he would flipping through it.  I am very glad I got up enough courage to give it to him! 

After we saw all of them, we headed home, listening to Mitch and Rich Mullins the whole way.

 *Set List*

 1. Strength to Move
 2. Emmanuel
 3. Anything
 4. Here & Now
 5. Rich's Song
 6. Heaven Is Waiting
 7. There You Are
 8. Solid Rock
 9. Gospel Rain
10. Only Love Will
11. When You Love
12. Tin Man
13. Mighty Joe Louis
14. Lemonade Song
15. Upside Down 
16. Kingdom of the Heart
17. Watch Over Me
18. Suits of Skin
19. Burning the Fields

(l-r) My friends Adrienne and Ashley, Brad, and me on 2-23-01
Cobra Joe and my friends
Adrienne & Ashley 
 Mitch and his bug friend he named Texas

 Dearborn MI) Mitch & Lauren Dearborn MI) Lauren
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