Mitch McVicker

without looking down

Spindust Records

without looking down is Christian singer/songwriter Mitch McVicker's fourth release and his first on Spindust.

McVicker's music is a mix of styles I would describe as soft rock with pop influences or soft pop/rock. Similarities abound but Bryan Duncan is the artist I first thought McVicker sounds like. His music has the same type of whimsical feel and serious message presented in a lighthearted way. The tracks are smooth and nicely balanced. The musicianship is tight and production is high quality.

As a Christian songwriter, Mitch's lyrics carry a positive and upbeat message. Christian listeners should find this an encouraging CD with snappy music. There are, however, several songs with imagery which may not make sense to listeners who aren't familiar with them.

Key tracks: Stargazer, You Have Everything

John Venvertloh